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K2 Energy 26650P 8.32Wh

Product Name: K2 Energy 26650P 8.32Wh
Product Model: K2 Cell,A123 12V 26650 battery Motorcycle Battery
Product exhibitors: K2
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K2 Energy 26650P 8.32Wh K2 26650P 8.32Wh Energy 30C/60C 2500-2600mah High Power LiFePO4 26650 Rechargeable Cell: 3.2V 2600mAh

K2 Energy 26650P 8.32Wh  A detailed description of
K2 Energy 26650P 8.32Wh
1. Characters
NO                  Items                                               Specification                       Remarks
1                  Battery type                                           LiFePO4                        3.2V8.32Wh
2                  Brand                                                    K2 Energy
3                  Nominal capacity                                     2600mAh                           C/5
4                  Nominal voltage                                      3.2V
5                  Internal resistance                                  <9 mΩ                             C/5z
6                  Weight                                                 80.5g±2 g
7                 Continuous discharge current                    ≤10A                              1kHz,AC
8                 Burst discharge current                            16A                               30s, ≥2.5V
9                 Charge current                                       3.2A
10               Charge cut off voltage                             3.65V
11               Discharge cut off voltage                         2.5V
12               Working temperature                          -20℃--+60℃
13               Max continuous discharge current              30A                               30s, ≥2.5V
14               Max burst discharge current                      65A
15               Max charge current                                 5A
16               Max charge cut off voltage                       4.1V
17               Max discharge cut off voltage                   2.0V
2. Feature curve

3. Battery performance
A:Discharge characteristics:
Discharge capacity/Nominal capacity×100%
A)0.2C5A ≥100% B)0.5C5A ≥98% C)1C5A ≥95% D)2C5A ≥90%
The Curves of charging and discharging should be smooth Standard charge at 0.2C5A under condition of normal atmospheric pressure and the environmental for 10min and discharge at 0.2C5A、0.5C5A、1C5A、2 C5A to 2.5V respectively. Charge/discharge cycle can be conducted for 3 times before meeting the Standards (the same below).
B:Normal Storage
Residual Capacity≥Nominal capacity*85% Recoverable capacity≥ Nominal capacity*90% OCV decrease≤3% Internal Resistance increase≤20%
Measure initial status and initial capacity. Store for 28 days after standard charge, the measure final status and residual capacity at 0.5C5A to 2.5V;After charge/discharge (0.5C5A/0.5C5A) cycle can be conducted for 3 times, recoverable capacity will be tested at 0.5C5A
C:Cycle Life
Discharge capacity≥Nominal Capacity 80%
Measure initial status and initial capacity, then conduct 1C5A/1C5A cycle for 1600 times. The discharge capacity shall be measured after 1600 cycle.
D:High-low Temperature Discharge
0.2C5A Discharge time Stores 3 month-long the batteries ≥4.5h;Stores 6 month-long the batteries ≥4.25h;Stores 12 month-long the batteries ≥4h。Measure initial capacity and initial status. Battery charge after 3.35V .measure initial capacity. The distinction room temperature stores 3 months, 6 months, 12 months later, measure battery's final condition,Then circulates 3 time record battery's discharge time by 0.5C/0.5C.
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