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Samsung Li-ion 2600mAh Battery 26F

Product Name: Samsung Li-ion 2600mAh Battery 26F
Product Model: B-SX26F
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Samsung Li-ion 2600mAh Battery 26F Place of Origin: South Korea Brand Name: Samsung Model Number: 18650 Type: Li-Ion Nominal Voltage: 3.7v Size: 18mm*65mm Nominal Capacity: 2600mAh

Samsung Li-ion 2600mAh Battery 26F  A detailed description of
Samsung Li-ion 2600mAh Battery 26F

Nominal voltage:3.7 V
Nominal capacity:2600mAh
Discharge from 4.2V to 3.0V at 0.2C mA
Minimal capacity:2550mAh
Max charge current:2600 mA 1C
Charging method:Charge with constant current 1C to 4.2V, then charge with constant voltage 4.2V till charge current is less than 0.01C
Discharge cut-off voltage:3.0 V, the over-discharge detection voltage of PCM
Operating environment:Charging, 0°C ~ 45°C ; 65±20%RH
Discharging, -20°C~60°C ; 65±20%RH
Storage environment:
Storage for a long time(>3 months) and the storage condition shall be:<35°C;65±20%RH;3.7~3.9V
Cell Weight (Approx):50g
Cell Dimension (Max):according to customer demand


1, High energy density

2, High working voltage for single battery cells

3, Pollution-free

4, Long cycle life

5, No memory effect

6, Capacity, resistance, Voltage, platform time consistency is good

7, With short-circuit production function, safe and reliable

8, Factory price& High quality

9, Good consistency, low self discharge

10, Light weight, small size


1, Longer storage life than NiMH Batteries

2, Light weight and higher energy density than any rechargeable battery

3, Installed IC chip will prevent the battery pack from over charge and over discharge.

It helps protect battery chemistry integrity and prolongs battery life.

4, Installed polyswitch will cut off power if battery discharge current more than 6.6Ah

5, Perfect for building up battery pack for medical equipment Back-up or EPS Emergency Power

6, Supply which requires compact size and lighter weight

7, The battery module is wrap by PVC


CE, UL, REACH, ROSH; ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 approval have been carried.

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